John Oliver ROASTS WWE Over Relationship With Saudi Arabian Government


It's been rumored that HBK could be working WrestleMania 35 next year, and now WrestleTalk is reporting that current plans call for the Hall of Famer to face AJ Styles on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

The country's "poor record with human rights" was also cited as a reason for not wanting to step inside the squared circle.

The April event, as Oliver described it, provided the kingdom with global "wall-to-wall propaganda about the new Saudi Arabia, including video showing women happily driving, men dancing and tourist destination beauty shots as well as constant excited compliments throughout the broadcast".

To make things even worse for Crown Jewel, several talent have expressed not wanting to fly to Saudi Arabia for the event.

A second show, Crown Jewel, is due to take place on November 2 - but now many are calling for the show to be cancelled following Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappearance in Turkey.

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As of now, the show is still on the WWE schedule but it was interesting that there were no references to Saudi Arabia on Monday Night Raw.

The WWE event, however, is still going ahead as a statement released by Vince McMahon only mentioned that the WWE is "monitoring the situation".

"The truth is, MBS is far from the political reformer that he's been presented as". They are, as Oliver notes, used to drum up positive publicity for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Surprisingly, the two teams haven't crossed paths in their illustrious careers, and they still might not in the originally-planned location, with plans up-in-the-air after WWE's relationship with the Saudi Government was questioned by U.S. Senators this week.