Google Offers Free 4K Movie Upgrades


Google says that "most" 4K movies on Google Play will now be cheaper than they were before.

Google also said that most 4K movies on Google Play will cost you less so you will have more options to enjoy upgraded movies as you browse the top 4K titles.

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On the contrary, Google Play Movies & TV doesn't allow its users to upgrade (before this update) or even exchange or buy a movie in 4K resolution movie after purchasing an SD or HD title. The company is giving users the 4K treatment as it looks to focus more on high-quality content. So if you are buying a new movie, like Spider-Man: Homecoming, buying it on 4K will now cost you less than before. All of this is done for 100% free, and when a movie of yours does receive the 4K treatment, you'll see it added to a new "Upgraded to 4K" filter in the Play Movies & TV app. Don't get me wrong, I own both a 4K Samsung TV and an Apple TV 4K, so I am invested in the resolution, but I am rarely blown away by UHD content. Anything you purchase from now on won't be upgraded. They have been working to make your viewing experience the best it can be and, after their launch of 4K, the company has made even bigger plans for users in the US and Canada. Although 4K TVs have been around for a while, there's a severe lack of content available online and hopefully; we get more of it as more people get their hands on 4K-ready hardware.

We think watching in 4K should be a no brainer, so we're continuously working to make that a reality.