Bigg Boss 12: Kriti Verma, Roshmi Banik to get evicted this weekend


The decision pushed the couple to the unsafe zone and they get nominated.

First Karanvir Bohra helped him then Shivashish and Sourabh chipped in and shaved off his remaining hair on his head. Romil and Surbhi make fun of Dipika. She once again accepts in front of him that she did say that about Sreesanth. But Jasleen understood Surbhi's game plan and did not get swayed by her rant.

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Later while explaining her inability to part with her possessions, Jasleen reported told Jalota that while she did value him, her makeup and clothes mattered to her just as much as he did. She breaks down into tears. Jasleen, however, refuses to talk to him and goes inside. The set up was made in the form of a volcano and upon every buzzer, the participants had to collect as many balls as they could (that came out of that volcano).

Heated arguments start between Srishty and Shivashish. Saba tries to snatch Nehha's balls after which Nehha gets into a physical-fight with her. Saba goes and complains to the sanchaalaks - Surbhi and Somi. Deepak told Srishty that she would stay on as he felt that the audience would be supportive of her and like her good side. He tells Neha that Deepak had told Sreesanth about Dipika's conversation. Jasleen cried her heart out while everyone tried to make Anup understand. He stated that such situations were a test of one's devotion and love. It's Bigg Boss, and for the uninitiated, stealing, getting aggressive, yelling, abusing, fighting were as obvious, done. Deepak, who's quite a player, whispered into Anup's ear that Srishty was deliberately creating this commotion as she was nominated, whereas, earlier, he had himself told Srishty that people would save her because of her good behaviour.