This Insane Photo Of Hurricane Florence Is Going Viral


But between evacuations and storm shutter installations, NASA and NOAA are keeping people informed and entertained.

Hurricane Florence, the Category 2 storm heading straight for my parents' SC house, has the country on high alert.

One of the first major Atlantic hurricanes of 2018, Hurricane Florence is now under category 2 with max winds at 105 miles per hour.

As Florence nears the east coast, meteorologists are focused on two key factors: ocean temperatures and wind sheer (the difference in speeds at the upper and lower parts of the storm).

The National Hurricane Center forecasts additional strengthening for Florence before it reaches the coastline of North Carolina and SC early Friday, Sept. 14.

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The Hurricane season 2018 is expected to last till November.

"Watch out, America! Hurricane Florence is so enormous, we could only capture her with a super wide-angle lens from the Space Station", European astronaut Alexander Gerst wrote in a tweet.

Hurricane Florence has reportedly been causing 80-plus feet waves.

As Hurricane Florence continues barreling toward the Carolinas, NASA has posted a remarkable video of the storm with winds approaching 130 miles per hour.

A new high-definition video and photos taken from the International Space Station show the size of scope of Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 storm heading toward landfall in the Southeast U.S. later this week.