Syria war has killed more than 360 000 - monitor


He said that both leaders will be meeting to with the aim of finding a solution to the Syrian conflict.

Turkey has resumed arming rebel fighters in Idlib, which is braced for an imminent offensive by President Assad.

"One million children are trapped in Idlib facing what could be the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in the long and bloody history of Syria's seven-year war", said Syria Response Advocacy Manager Caroline Anning.

Russian Federation and Iran are key allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The Turkish deployment comes amid a lull in a concerted government and Russian aerial bombing campaign on the southern edge of Idlib. They say the province is home to terror groups.

Turkey deployed hundreds of soldiers at 12 observations posts that circle Idlib, following a de-escalation agreement it reached with Russian Federation and Iran previous year.

Last week, the United Nations warned that such an offensive would likely lead to the "worst humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century".

Speaking from where he monitors the skies in Maarat al-Numan, south of Idlib city, he said there had been no air strikes, although some shelling continued on the frontlines. We're ready to fight against terrorists, and we also want to achieve a political settlement of the Syrian crisis and are ready for cooperation in these issues. Most of the displaced headed toward the border with Turkey, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, packing already overcrowded camps there.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for prevention of full-scale attack on Syria's Idlib.

It says it can not take more refugees, and Turkish aid and security officials say that in the event of conflict in Idlib they would seek to shelter displaced people inside Syria rather than hosting them on Turkish soil.

"As the Emergency Relief Coordinator mentioned, he was recently in Damascus", noted Laerke, adding that the Syrian Government had indicated it would pursue a military solution "which is very, very scary from a humanitarian perspective".

Moumtzis said the U.N. had shared the Global Positioning System coordinates of 235 protected sites in Idlib, including schools and hospitals, with Russia, Turkey and the United States in the hope they would not be targeted.

Lavrov promised: "We will establish humanitarian corridors, set up ceasefire zones and we are doing everything to ensure that the civilian population would not suffer".

"At the moment as humanitarians while we hope for the best, we are preparing for the worst".

Wissam Zarqa, a university teacher in Idlib, said demonstrators were flying the tri-color flag to rebut the government line that Idlib is dominated by the al-Qaida linked Levant Liberation Committee group.