Sorry, Meghan it will take more than shutting a vehicle door — PORTER


"The Duchess of Sussex closing her own auto door is yet another silent signal that she is going to be doing things her own way and helping adapt and progress the British monarchy", Hanson tells the Daily Mail.

Royal correspondent for The Sun, Emily Andrews tweeted: "A princess who still takes the time to shut her auto door".

The Duchess of Sussex attended her first solo engagement at the Royal Academy of Arts in London on Tuesday.

Arriving at the Royal Academy of Arts, Meghan, 37, stepped out of the vehicle - after having the door opened for her by, presumably, a royal minder - and greeted her host.

Some social media users praised the Duchess for closing the door while others joked she may have cost someone their job.

This might not seem like much for us regular folks who open and close doors all on our own (yay for us!), but this is unheard of with members of the British Royal family.

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Wimbledon's Royal Box protocol asks that ladies do not take hats into the box as not to "obscure the vision of those seated behind them".

"Meghan's developed a case of Madonna's accent change", tweeted one viewer.

In one recent rant, Samantha referred to her half-sister as a "ducha**" and claimed that if their father passed away it would be because of her.

Etiquette expert William Hanson confirmed this in an interview with a British radio show, explaining royals have members of staff to open and close vehicle doors for them as a security measure, rather than "airs and graces". Closing her own door humanized the Duchess, made her more relatable and more lovable. According to the etiquette expert "she's going to be doing things her way and helping to adapt and progress the British Monarchy'".

As you might imagine, there are a lot of cynics on Twitter enjoying the "woman closes own vehicle door" spectacle and weighing in with their own amusing takes.

The man in a tuxedo who welcomed her with a warm handshake and appeared to be preparing to close the door quickly swiped his hand over his mouth the moment Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, closed the door behind her back without looking.