Sony to release miniature PlayStation with 20 classic games


Such a console was inevitably due a rejig for modern TVs given the way Nintendo's Classic Mini NES and SNES console flew off the shelves and online stores when they made their debut in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Sony has doubled down on the nostalgia by stripping the controllers of analogue sticks, too, going for a pre-Dualshock controller design, which means no Ape Escape, but who knows, we can dream.

Sony has jumped aboard the retro console game, offering a miniature version of the original PlayStation in time for the holidays.

The new, mini version of the PSOne is almost half the size of the original console, but looks identical to the grey box that so many 90s kids fell in love with. It's slated to launch on December 3 - the same day the original first went on sale in 1994.

The console which retails for around $60 comes with 30 games including Nintendo's famed Super Mario and Donkey Kong characters.

PlayStation Classic mini retro console is launching in time for Christmas
PlayStation Classic Mini games console REVEALED: Sony PS1 retro games coming December | Daily Star

The PlayStation Classic will surely be a success for Sony. Pre-loaded*3 with 20 PlayStation games*4 such as Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix), Jumping Flash!

The console is around half the size of the original PlayStation and comes with two classic controllers so you can batter your mates on Tekken.

Some might think £90 is a lot for a bunch of memories, but the PlayStation Classic will provide the first time we can play numerous games in HD through HDMI (legally, at least). However, unlike the original PlayStation that used dedicated cartridges, the PlayStation Classic is based on more advanced technologies that bring onboard storage and more a compact overall build that is touted to be 45 percent smaller than 1994's PlayStation. As with those machines, the PlayStation Classic will not be able to download further titles. The company has, however, not offered the USB AC adapter. And it's not like old PlayStation games are hard to find on other platforms nowadays.

Visit for more details and stay tuned for the full lineup of titles which is said to include more "fan favorites".

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