Reasons to Wait for the 2019 iPhone & 4 Reasons Not To


Before the presentation, Apple was only a matter of weeks. Less is known about what's in store a little further down the iPhone hierarchy. The high-end smartphone market is saturated.

Against this background, the Apple is feeling OK, still remaining the most innovative company.

Apple is schedule to hold its new iPhone event on September 12, though it remains mystery when the iPhone XS will actually be released in the wild. The iPhone X's price hovered around the Rs 1 lakh mark in India thanks to a few hikes in custom duty. High price tags and promotion "of monopoly" the idea will remain in the trend. If you think that sounds insane, then you won't like hearing that the cheapest iPhone that Apple will launch this month might be called iPhone Xr rather than iPhone 9.

When and where is the presentation? Trendforce, a respected analytics firm is of the opinion that the new 2018 iPhone devices will come with Apple Pencil support included, although Mr Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't feel the same and people tend to listen to him.

Live event video: Apple is livestreaming the event.

Everyone already knows that Apple plans to unveil three new 2018 iPhones next month. Macerkopf reports the iPhone 9 would cost €799, the iPhone XS would sell for €909, and the iPhone XS Max is going to cost €1,149.

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Starting with the iPhone XS, the handset might be available in 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED options. The name will be pronounced "iPhone Ten S". However, this version will be sold only in some countries. So the 6.5-inch iPhone Xs will likely be called iPhone Xs Max, while the regular 5.8-inch model will be called iPhone Xs. The last is likely to have the cheaper LCD display and might act as a SE replacement. For example, the display completely covers the front portion of the apparatus, and lower chin from the Chinese clone was thicker than the original iPhone, and the camera was very low quality. Or simply is extended display information in applications such as mail and calendar.

Is this the forthcoming 6.1-inch iPhone?

The iPhone XS isn't the only one to be featured in gold because another leakage showed us that the new Series 4 Apple Watch will also boast a matching gold stainless steel frame. The tech site also dropped the news that the phones would be called iPhone XS. When do you think will the iPhone SE2 be released?

If this happens, it would be a significant shift from how the company names its iPhone models. There appear to be no photos of any case for the iPhone Xs, the expected successor to last year's iPhone X. The uploader also mentions that none of the above cases are up for sale yet. Later reports have indicated the iPhone XS and iPhone 9 names would stay. So today's leak reveals the naming of the largest iPhone.

Who is the target audience for the iPhone XS?

How much will a new iPhone? Although the price of new products remains the biggest mystery.