Oculus Won't Lock You Out Of Games With Future Headsets


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Oculus Quest, the firm's new wireless VR headset.

Oculus today took the wraps off its brand new VR headset, the Oculus Quest. But to track your position, the headset has four "ultra-light" sensors on the headset's edges, which can register your position in a room relative to your surroundings. The display resolution is said to be 1600×1440 - Oculus' blog post refers to the Quest as using the same "best-of-class" optics as the Oculus Go, but this may refer to the lenses, not the actual per-eye resolution. The Oculus Quest is essentially a more premium version of the Go, with new features like hand controller tracking. The Oculus Rift has to be connected to a powerful PC, which drives up cost, and it requires external sensors to enable 6DoF tracking.

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Project Santa Cruz, the upcoming standalone VR HMD from the crew at Oculus.

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Oculus Quest will also feature two redesigned controllers that have been fitted with touchpad control. Besides being a place for VR developers to meet up and discuss the future of immersive technologies, Facebook - the owner of Oculus - laid out its next steps for where VR (and AR) will head. We'll believe it when we see it. Rift games won't be automatically coming to Oculus, but supposedly porting Quest games to Rift will be as simple as a one-touch button press, with no need for ports or other optimization.

Developers can also get in on the action for Oculus Home, so later this year they'll be able to create Custom Developer Items, like animated objects, sculptures, trophies, and avatar clothing for all your favourite videogames.

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But the dream of an exceptional VR headset that doesn't tangle isn't quite there yet - the performance and graphics quality can't compare to wired systems. At the very least, it offers a simpler, faster way to jump into gaming.