Now Google search results to soon look like your social media feed


Google's most visual search, Images, will also get some new features. Google adds that Discover will be available not just on the Google app and the Pixel launcher, but also on on all mobile web browsers. Google also says they will using information in the Knowledge Graph they maintain for each user to help serve up information that they deem is appropriate for your skill level on any given topic. Now, Google will integrate Lens directly into searches "to make your search experience more visual", Cathy Edwards, director of engineering for Google Images, said in a blog post. Just Tap the new Lens button and use your finger to highlight that specific section and the search will be focused on that object only.

Google said on Monday, "Starting today with stories about notable people - like celebrities and athletes - providing a glimpse into facts and important moments from their lives in a rich, visual format".

Google first introduced a news feed of trending content a year ago, but this update will show users more so-called "evergreen" content. It will also display more information around images to help you find the ideal image. "For these subtopics, we can identify the most relevant articles and videos - the ones that have shown themselves to be evergreen and continually useful, as well as fresh content on the topic".

New cards let you pick up right where you left off during a search, visit related queries, and see relevant activity cards from past searches.

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Google Search turned 20 this week and as part of the milestone, the company introduced a slew of changes which are set to change the way we see search results.

Featured Videos: Google will now show you selected videos related to the topic you've searched for, as well as related sub-topics. Google says Discover won't only be for new content either.

Google is also adding what it's calling a "topic layer" to the knowledge graph.

The video shows how Google is used for people from various nationalities and languages to search for answers to their everyday questions. Google Discusses Data Privacy Before Senate Hearing. It looks and acts similarly to a Pinterest board in that any search you save to it is easily accessible later. "Google Inc. was incorporated on September 4, but for more than a decade we've celebrated our birthday on September 27". Users will also be able to import suggestions from other user's collections. You'll be shown similar cards when you search for a new hobby or activity for a long time.