Lindsay Lohan Melts Down After Allegedly Attempting to 'Kidnap' Muslim Children


Lindsay Lohan livestreamed herself trying to take the children of a supposed Syrian refugee family and accused them of "trafficking", which resulted in the actress getting hit in the face.

Initially, Lindsay offers to take the entire family, but then she changes her mind and tells the woman, "Not your husband". Come with me, I'll take care of you guys", she says to one or both of the children before asking again, "Do you want to stay in a hotel tonight? They're a Syrian refugee family that I'm really anxious about. At one point she says, "You're ruining Arabic culture".

In 2009, she appeared in the film Labor Pains, and in 2012 she starred as Elizabeth Taylor in the made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick.

'You have these girls who come out, who don't even know who they are, who do it for the attention.

The New York Times also reported that "if there's one thing Ms. Lohan wants the public to know about her personal life, it's that there's nearly nothing that she wants them to know".

Lindsay Lohan has been accused by Twitter users of trying to "kidnap" a Syrian refuge boy after she appeared to accost a family in Russian Federation.

Fans were shocked after watching Lindsay Lohan's wild Instagram Live video on September 28. She speaks to them in what sounds like Arabic with an apparent Arabic accent. If you have yet to see the wild video, allow me to summarize.

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After a few minutes, the family decide to pick up their belongings and move away from Ms Lohan.

As they start walking past her, she begins following then and accusing them of trafficking their children.

And followers have slammed her, with one writing, "Lindsay Lohan how'd you go from the club to trying to kidnap two kids?" Lohan follows the family, accusing them of "trafficking children". Do you want me to give you a hotel?

"I won't leave until I take you". "The whole world is seeing this right now", she says. I'm a good person.

Twitter wasn't entirely sure what to make of these insane events that transpired on Lohan's Instagram Live video.

The Among the Shadows star posted a unusual video on Instagram Live Saturday, showing her approaching a man and woman sitting on a sidewalk with two boys huddled under a blanket. "They go. This is wrong.let them go, yalla, yalla", she continues.