Gov. Brown says California will launch satellite


Above we see an ad that McDonald's promoted on Facebook, and yes, McDonald's "Scale for Good" campaign is a Global Climate Action Summit sponsor.

Over the past three days, more than 4,000 people have gathered in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) convened by California Governor Jerry Brown to mobilize regional, local and business leaders around climate change. The announcement from Brown's office did not contain an estimated cost or launch date. Jerry Brown's recent executive order calling for the Golden State to be carbon-neutral by 2045, and experts say the state will have to thread the needle through significant legal, regulatory and practical challenges on the pathway to net-zero carbon emissions. Private donations are being made by San Francisco investment banker Richard Lawrence and his wife Dee Lawrence along with the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust.

President Trump was a popular target Friday at California Gov.

"If the overall movement of the world is up and determined to address the Paris Agreement, then those governments that are less enthusiastic are likely to find themselves on the wrong side of history, and likely to find themselves on the wrong side of what the planet and the people living on it actually need- which is a low carbon/de-carbonised world with all kinds of new job opportunities and all kind of new sectors".

He also reminded them that he had floated a similar proposal during his first term as governor in the 1970s.

Chicago columnist Mike Royko gave the Moonbeam moniker in 1976, saying that appeared to be attracting "the moonbeam vote".

The name stuck for decades, even after Royko, who died in 1997, apologized and tried to retract it.

Perhaps the most significant sign of Brown's global clout was the size of the Chinese delegation at the summit.

With the Trump administration rolling back several climate measures - including withdrawing from the Paris climate accord - cities and states have been stepping up and making climate commitments of their own.

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"We're going to launch our own satellite - our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we're going to end it", Brown said at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.

Kerry signed the agreement to combat climate change on behalf of the United States while serving as President Barack Obama's secretary of state.

In May, the journal Science reported that the White House planned to cut funding for a satellite and aircraft-based system to monitor climate-changing emissions. Nuttall, who served as the spokesperson of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change said that he doesn't think that anyone ever thought that the achieving the Paris Agreement would be "some kind of calm sailing".

Kerry's criticism of Trump came a day after the president blasted Kerry on Twitter for meeting with high-level members of the Iranian government.

Among the many speakers before Brown, former Vice President Al Gore told delegates the world is successfully separating emissions from economic prosperity.

Gore, a Democrat, also criticized Trump for denying the death toll from last year's hurricane in Puerto Rico was almost 3,000 people.

"It nearly is like China and the U.S., they haven't missed a beat in this bilateral partnership on climate change because California has really stepped in to fill the role", Hsu said.

"The president likes to talk about what a great country we are", Brainard said.