Democrat Andrew Gillum focused on 'everyday issues' in gubernatorial race


The Democratic and Republican Governors Associations are investing heavily in Andrew Gillum.

DeSantis said President Donald Trump, who endorsed DeSantis in the GOP primary and praised him in a series of strategic tweets, will continue to play a key role in the campaign, with another Florida visit likely before the November 6 showdown with Democrat Andrew Gillum.

It was a Trump rally on July 31 in Tampa, which happens to be the state's largest media market, that helped propel DeSantis, a three-term congressman from Ponte Vedra Beach, past Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in the primary.

A neo-Nazi group sent out racist robocalls to Florida voters targeting Democratic candidate Andre Gillum.

Florida voters will definitely have a clear choice when they vote for governor in November after this week's primary election, says the leader of a conservative organization.

Gillum, however, says Floridians will not be divided.

"Preach!" members of the crowd shouted a couple of times.

Gillum's campaign targeted what the candidate called black, brown, poor and progressive voters -- voting blocs that often don't show up in midterm primary elections in Florida -- as a path to the nomination. "We are going to organize like we've never organized before. because there may be some areas of this state that we may not win but we can lose them less".

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Neither the Tallahassee Democrat nor Politico, which also obtained the audio, will be releasing it, in keeping with the Gillum campaign's wishes that the robocall and its senders should not be given "undeserved attention". "And I want them to know that Florida voters are smarter than that, that we're going to reject the politics of separation".

When asked about the corruption probe by reporters Friday, Gillum reiterated that he is not the subject of the inquiry and emphasized that he is willing to provide any information sought by the federal investigators, before pointing the finger at Trump.

"Let's build off the success of Gov. Scott".

It is unclear how many people received the robocalls, but Gillum's campaign spokesman, Geoff Burgan, said multiple people had reported them to the campaign.

The DeSantis campaign in a statement said the remarks were "obviously about Florida not making the wrong decision to embrace the socialist policies that Andrew Gillum espouses" and to characterize it any other way is absurd.

"Even the president has gone so far as to suggest a 'deep state.' That is not how we handled it". That's my position on it.

"What you've got is you've got a radical left agenda", said Scott.

Information provided by The News Service of Florida.