China refused new trade consultations with U.S.


The Chinese language authorities refused to conduct a brand new commerce consultations with the United States of America after the announcement by Washington in further charges.

Even before Trump's election, the United States has complained vigorously that China has been unfair to USA businesses and has stolen technology by forcing firms to reveal secrets as a condition to operate in the fast-growing Asian economy. Before that, it was also planned to send a delegation to the United States to prepare a visit for a high-ranking official.

China has retaliated by hitting $60 billion in U.S. products and the world's two largest economies have already imposed tariffs of $50 billion on each other.

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One week ago, Trump ordered once more the imposition of tariffs 10 percent higher, for a value of 200 billion dollars, on imported Chinese products.

Earlier it was reported that China intends to introduce elevated duties on American items in $60 billion.

This dispute, undoubtedly worries the markets and main stock exchanges such as that of London, due to the negative influence not only for those implicated, but for other parts of the Planet and other products, not only those affected.