Candidates crisscross city ahead of Primary Day


Meanwhile, the New York Post reported on Tuesday that a Cuomo campaign official had pitched a story to a reporter at the newspaper about Nixon's opposition to Israeli settlements and her support of the BDS movement against Israel a day before the mailer was delivered. But from the outset, Nixon has tied her campaign to other insurgents, who are seen as having a better chance of defeating entrenched or well-funded candidates.

New York Democrats are poised to decide who prevails in the long and sometimes nasty primary fight between New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon.

What separates Nixon from Cuomo?

The planned opening of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge to replace the old Tappan Zee Bridge between Westchester and Rockland counties was supposed to bolster Cuomo's image as a can-do governor, but a last-minute delay changed that narrative.

Cuomo has the nomination of the Independence Party and the Women's Equality Party, while Nixon has been nominated by the Working Families Party - though she has said she will seek to remove her name if she doesn't beat Cuomo in the Democratic primary.

Cuomo has dramatically outspent Nixon, pouring at least $25 million into his campaign, and polls have shown him leading her by 30 to 40 points.

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Veteran political operative Bob Shrum remembers a time when the polls showed an incumbent well ahead before a NY primary, but the challenger's more enthusiastic support swayed the outcome. "I would love people's support, but whoever you vote for, it's important that you vote", said Cuomo.

"The polls across the board are just not capturing the progressive moment we're in", she said, adding that hundreds of thousands of new Democrats have registered to vote across New York State following Donald Trump's election.

A mailer from the state Democratic Party that suggested that Nixon is anti-Semitic also backfired for Cuomo. Chuck Schumer, who also endorsed Cuomo.

In the video, Schiff said that people in NY are "tired of the cynical, self-serving corporate Democrats" and that they want to see "courageous, honest Democrats". They might not think she can win, but a vote for her might convince be a warning to Cuomo to clean up his act. Cuomo came into office eight years ago promising to reform the state government.

Ms. Teachout, who is campaigning while eight months pregnant and ran against Mr. Cuomo in the 2014 governor's primary, has scored endorsements from independent Vermont Sen. Mr. Sheinkopf said. "It is too close to call. He controls the state committee", Nixon said.