YouTube Pulls Terrifying ‘The Nun’ Teaser Trailer For Violating Company Policy


This video does not auto play. The user who then turns up the sound in response will get an earful of sudden noise, along with a terrifying close-up of the demonic title character. The video features a volume button declining before a Nun pops up and screams. If you dare head to the cinema to watch it. "The teaser is quite effective, and now that it's been pulled, it should put a little extra attention on the upcoming horror movie".

After the short advertisement went viral, many fans have complained to YouTube and pointed out that The Nun advertisement is annoying and disrespectful to many. "Or the zombie is reflected in the bathroom mirror!"

Some users online complained of seeing the ad late at night or at other inopportune times. "This ad violates our shocking content policy and it's no longer running as an ad". Even YouTube released a statement stating they strive to avoid offending anyone.

Among the website's no-nos: profane and violent language, gruesome imagery and "promotions that are likely to shock or scare".

YouTube quickly responded to the user, where they shared that the video violated their shocking content policy and that they would be taking it down. While it may not have been held in the highest regard, it did warrant a sequel, Annabelle: Creation, which was met with much more positive reviews.

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A recent ad for "The Nun", the fifth flick in "The Conjuring" series, is not the most saintly.

Entertainment Weekly writes that the movie takes the "subgenre known as "nunsploitation" (yes, that's actually a thing). mainstream".

The Nun stars Demian Bichir as a priest named Father Burke and Taissa Farmiga as a novitiate, Sister Irene.

What do you think of New Line's "Conjuring Universe"?

The movie hits theaters on September 7.