Twitter Suspends Infowars’ Alex Jones for One Week for Violating Abuse Policy


Controversial Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been suspended from Twitter for up to seven days.

Jones, who until recent weeks had a huge online following, has argued that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.

"There's a number of actions that we believe help a call to an incitement of violence, and those are things we need to make sure that we're taking action on", Dorsey said in the interview.

While we don't mind Jones being treated by a child, it's also hard to feel like this is anything but the last-ditch effort to get some good publicity as other platforms take a stand against bigotry.

But the catch is that Jones' ban will last just seven days-the InfoWars host will not be able to tweet or retweet from his personal account during that week.

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"You think Alex Jones is going to change his behavior based on a timeout?" askedHolt. And in response to Twitter's ban, Jones trotted over to Periscope and published a 13-minute rant about censorship.

Twitter has a new focus in the coming years according to the CEO, "Election integrity is our first priority this year", Dorsey said.

Twitter follows many other tech platforms in removing content from Jones and his news website InfoWars. Dorsey was, however, mildly critical of the other platforms that banned Jones stating that their actions were not entirely consistent with their user policies.

But the incident only intensified the growing criticism from conservatives that the site was targeting them over their beliefs and prompted Dorsey's outreach push.

Dorsey wouldn't discuss on the record his talks with Republican lawmakers or his response to calls for him to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but he said that the latest effort is meant to promote transparency about his company and to get across that conservatives have a place on his platform.