Trump has choice words for ex-aide Omarosa


The President's typically unpresidential name-calling was directed at former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newmam who has made the claims in her forthcoming book Unhinged.

Meanwhile, the mayor said statues, like the one of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, which served as one of the rallying points for the white nationalists past year and still stands in the same spot, represents the "hate" that came to her town and demanded that it come down. "Not only is it not typical, something like this is unprecedented".

The White House responded by slamming the book and its author and chastising the press for writing about it.

In the book, she paints a damning picture of President Donald Trump, including claiming that tapes exist of him using the N-word as he filmed his "The Apprentice" reality TV series.

According to the Post, an excerpt from Unhinged also claims that Lara Trump, the President's daughter-in-law, and adviser offered Omarosa a job after she was sacked from The White House.

And Trump felt compelled to throw in "all types of racism" to make sure the "fine people" among the neo-Nazis don't feel left out.

Omarosa Manigault Newman, everyone's favorite opportunist, hit the talk show circuit on Sunday as she continues to promote her tell-all book on her time in the Trump White House, Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House, scheduled to go on sale August 14. "I was complicit, and for that I regret", she added, concerning aides in Trumps inner circle.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Omarosa makes some damning claims about President Trump in the book.

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She said she released the clip - which security experts have declared a massive breach of standards - to defend herself from a White House administration which constantly lies.

She said the recording took place in the Situation Room, raising questions about security and ethics. "That is downright criminal", she said.

"If I didn't have these recordings, no one in America would believe me", Newman said on Sunday.

President Donald Trump on Saturday was critical of racism in a tweet acknowledging the anniversary of a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., that turned deadly a year ago.

The final clip NBC aired showed Manigault Newman asking if Trump was "aware of what's going on" and Kelly interjecting and saying, "This is a non-negotiable discussion". "Remember, the White House had Russians there at some point".

When Todd asked Newman if she had ever heard the President say the slur, she said, "You know, I was in his presence when he said inappropriate things, but he has never said the N-word in my presence".

"I wanted to see the best in him", Omarosa said of the president's post-Charlottesville equivocation between the actions of white supremacists and those who opposed them.