NFL Investigating Deflated Football Pittsburgh Steelers Used Thursday Night vs. Eagles


For the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's a time to evaluate rookie quarterback Mason Rudolph. Strong performances in the second preseason game could increase, or decrease, a player's chance of making the roster.

The incident occurred on the Roethlisberger's fourth and final play during the team's "seven shots" drill, which involves the offense trying to score against the defense from the 2-yard line.

He then managed to walk off the practice field under his own power alongside Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert and head trainer John Norwig.

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The NFL looked into how a ball became deflated and put into play during the Steelers' preseason game here Thursday night against the Eagles, and not much else came of it.

Breathe a sigh of relief Steelers fans, he got up and he seemed to be okay after the training staff spent time examining him after the play. New England also had two draft picks taken away, including a first-rounder, and was hit with a $1 million fine. "But when he got up he seemed to be a little bit better". The next thing I knew, the NFL was checking the football.

Center Maurkice Pouncey was optimistic about Roethlisberger's injury. "Been really sharp, not only in terms of what he does, just how he's communicating and helping and aiding in the development with the people that are going to be working alongside him". "We have a great plan for Green Bay, and whenever my number's called, I plan to go out and execute".