Donald Trump claims victory for Republican Troy Balderson in tight Ohio race


Trump has backed Republican Troy Balderson, who is facing Democrat Danny O'Connor in the last special congressional election before November's midterm elections.

Donald Trump has claimed victory for the Republican candidate in a hotly-contested OH election, saying his visit to the state helped him come from behind to defeat a tough challenge from his Democrat rival.

However, if Balderson keeps the victory, it will be short-lived - the seat will go up for election again in November for the general midterm election.

Trump himself campaigned at Balderson's side just 72 hours before Election Day, a weekend appearance to help energize his loyalists in a district the president carried by 11 percentage points.

The CLF closed with an ad from Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) strongly endorsing the candidate, a move that may have helped shore him up just enough in the more upscale, country club Republican parts of the district (Kasich, a frequent Trump antagonist, plays much better in those parts of the state).

The day's races, like dozens before them, pitted the strength of Trump's fiery supporters against the Democratic Party's anti-Trump resistance.

The big take away from the GOP's apparent narrow victory in the Ohio-12 special election on Tuesday night is this: Buckle up, because both parties are going to go all out over the next three months to maintain control of the House of Representatives.

The race has centered on Trump's tax cuts at times as much as the candidates themselves.

On Tuesday night, he appeared to take credit for the Culberson win amid the congratulations.

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While the Cook Political Report officially called the race for Balderson late Tuesday evening, several other outlets still said it was too close to call.

Over in Kansas, Republicans are locked in an internal fight for the governorship.

Trump made his preference clear for Kobach.

The president's Senate pick, John James, whom Trump called a "potential Republican star", also won.

If you intend to vote in today's primary, you will need to either already be registered as a Republican or Democrat or declare a party affiliation at the polling place.

O'Connor, 34, however, onstage at his campaign headquarters in the central OH district, said the race was a "tied ballgame", with a rematch due in November's regular congressional election for the seat, which opened up when GOP Rep.

The five-way Democratic primary featured labor lawyer Brent Welder, who campaigned recently with self-described democratic socialists Vermont Sen.

Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed campaigns with support from New York Democrat candidate for Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at a rally on the campus of Wayne State University on July 28, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. Other top candidates include Sharice Davids, an EMILY's List-endorsed former MMA fighter attempting to become the first Native American lesbian in Congress, and Tom Niermann, a teacher running a more moderate campaign with a long list of local officials' endorsements.

The pro-Balderson effort has focused largely on motivating Republican voters by casting O'Connor as extreme.