Walmart's impeach Trump clothing draws social media outrage


By Tuesday afternoon Walmart had removed the listing from its website, though they are still available through other online retailers such as Amazon and Bonanza.

Walmart became the target of Trump supporters outraged by a T-shirt sold on the company's website, leading to calls for a boycott Tuesday.

It's worth noting that Walmart also sells pro-President Donald Trump apparel, too, including the president's signature red "Make America Great Again" hat.

The call for a Walmart boycott seemingly picked up steam as conservative media outlets spread the word about the shirts.

That marketplace is a sprawling e-commerce free-for-all where you can buy Nike sneakers, Louis Vuitton handbags, Urban Decay eyeshadow, or refurbished Apple computers from countless individual sellers who have no connection to Walmart, other than using its site to peddle their wares. As noted by Bloomberg, the real sellers are companies such as Old Glory and Teespring Inc., which advertise on Walmart's website and give the retail giant a cut of the profits.

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Items both for and against President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are also for sale.

The company issued a similar statement when it came under fire past year for selling a shirt with the words "Rope". But once they're approved-a process that takes a few weeks-Walmart doesn't watch every item put up for sale.

If you noticed #BoycottWalmart trending on Twitter today, you could be forgiven for thinking the left had shifted its attention from ICE to big box stores.

A spokesman for Walmart didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. "Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required", after facing massive backlash.