U.S. threatens sanctions to the participants of Nord stream-2


When Russia took over the Crimea and moved on eastern Ukraine in 2014, the United States and its allies slapped sanctions on Russia that have chafed Russian President Vladimir Putin ever since.

"As for Germany's dependence (on Russia) as a major gas buyer we can not agree with this premise", Peskov told reporters on a conference call.

He said that "Germany is totally controlled by Russian Federation, cause they are getting 60 to 70 percent of their energy from Russian Federation and a new pipeline". I think that in this context this is the most urgent: we need to ensure that transit through Ukraine continues, vice-president of the EC said.

"We're also going to discuss one other specific issue of deep concern to me and to everybody here, and I think that's the Nord Stream 2 pipeline", Kerry said then. "And we can not lose sight of that". It would run 1,200 km, mostly under the Baltic Sea along the existing Nord Stream pipeline.

Berlin has given political support to the building of a new, Dollars 11 billion pipeline to bring Russian gas across the Baltic Sea called Nord Stream 2, despite qualms among other European Union states. "From our perspective, it looks like a fairly bad deal ..."

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"The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will add supply options - not buying obligations", the company said in a statement.

At one point, the former Norwegian prime minister pointed out that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies in Europe disagreed among themselves on ways to reduce the continent's reliance on Russian gas. "Russian gas can and should be part of the European market, but that market needs to be open and competitive".

History has shown that Russian Federation has a penchant for attempting to control Europe by cutting off energy supplies.

"But the decision (for such projects - ed.) countries are sovereign".

Peskov said Nord Stream 2 will not make Germany, a major buyer of Russian gas, dependent on Russia, and on the contrary it will become a guarantee of stability of gas supplies and "further development of mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields".