Trump tells Piers Morgan about his chat with "incredible" queen


While the preparations were being done to welcome Donald Trump, thousands took out "Stop Trump" rally in London's Trafalgar Square.

But it appears Trump was either not watching the wall-to-wall TV coverage closely or had been fed information by those around him created to insulate his delicate ego. "I remember, even as a little guy, if there was any kind of a ceremony to do with the queen, my mother would be watching the television - she wanted to see it". "There are many, many protests in my favor".

Trump's comments come as a number of high-profile Democrats have hit the road recently in an effort to drum up money and support for their party as well as gage their appeal among the electorate.

And a small group had been corralled into a pub just off Trafalgar Square.

President Donald Trump plays golf at Turnberry golf club, Scotland on Saturday.

Vickers expects the royal visit to go smoothly despite the many controversies swirling around Trump's visit to the U.K. He says the queen will form an impression of the American president but will not share it, given her penchant for keeping her thoughts to herself and her very closest family.

Biden may be seen as an early frontrunner, but there are plenty of other Democrats eyeing a chance to take on Trump in 2020, and shape a Democratic party now wrestling with its identity and lacking a dominant leader.

"Well I fully intend to [run in 2020]".

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"When I say attractive, inside and out", Mr. Trump said.

President Trump became the 12th President of the United States the Queen had met during her realm.

In a 1997 interview, just weeks after Diana's death, U.S. radio host Howard Stern asked Trump if he "could have nailed her". She was unbelievable! Such a wonderful lady and so handsome! "I am sure this was not intentionally done, but it did not look very good". "To have a Queen like that is great".

The POTUS was destroyed on Twitter after he was seen walking in front of Elizabeth II as she was inspecting a guard of honour of the Coldstream Guards. "It was really something special", he said of the meeting.

"I'm very exacting. From the comma, to everything", he said.

Trump was treated with a guard of honor when he arrived at Windsor Castle, west of London. "He would be wise not to attempt to kiss her, and I don't expect for a moment that he will".

He added: "And she's got a lotta years left".

The President made headlines for not bowing to the Queen, a tradition palace officials say is "not necessary". "He's very smart, great personality, he's amusing and tough, good negotiator". But Trump did address a broad range of subjects in the interview, which will also be broadcast on British television Monday.