Protester who climbed Statue of Liberty apprehended by police


About 100 feet aboveground, the climber engaged in a four-hour standoff with police before two officers climbed up to the base and went over to her.

In pink sneakers and waving a shirt that read "Trump Care Makes Us Sick", the determined climber remained at the edge of the statue's copper robes for about three hours, as police pleaded with her to come down. Earlier in the day, Okoumou and dozens of other group members unfurled an "Abolish ICE" banner at the statue's pedestal. On the Fourth of July, a person was spotted climbing up the outside of the American icon and sitting at the base of Lady Liberty's feet.

NYPD constructed a rope rescue system to bring her down to the base because officers did not think she would come down on her own.

As they approached, she initially moved away, took off her shoes and appeared to be starting to climb further.

The cops then put her into a harness and guided her down from the statue to safety. At first, he said Okoumou was not friendly with police, but after some conversation, she began trusting the officers.

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People on their way to Liberty Island were not being allowed to continue to the park and people already there were evacuated, according to tweets.

"We don't know whether she had this planned before she ever got to Liberty Island or whether it was a spur-of-the-moment decision", protest organiser Jay W. Walker said. The Fourth of July is one of the busiest days at the monument; typically, about 20,000 tourists visit during the holiday. She is expected to be charged with national park regulations or public use limit; trespassing; disorderly conduct, and interfering with government functions.

The large banner said "Abolish I.C.E". "We don't condemn her for the choice she made, and we're going to do anything we can to support her", he said. The banner was organized by the group Rise and Resist NYC, which said on Facebook it was at the Statue of Liberty to demand President Trump abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and "reunite families, halt deportations and end detention as a deterrent".

A federal judge released Therese Okoumou without bail after her court appearance.

National Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis said the woman was in federal custody Wednesday evening and will be transported to a US Marshals office in Manhattan.