North Korea lashes out at U.S., calls talks 'extremely regrettable'


The DPRK felt deep regret over the attitude of the US delegation led by Pompeo at the high-level talks held Friday and Saturday with DPRK officials, a spokesman of the country's Foreign Ministry said. He left saying the talks were "productive".

The foreign ministry spokesman said the phased timeline was the "fastest way" to a getting rid of the nukes.

While the secretary told reporters that progress was made "on nearly all of the central issues" and involved "good-faith negotiations", North Korea said the USA attitude, demanding denuclearization, was "regrettable". "Some places a great deal of progress, other places there's still more work to be done", said Pompeo, according to a pool report from us reporters who accompanied him to Pyongyang.

The North's foreign ministry took exception to Pompeo's effort to secure concrete commitments to back Kim's promise, made at a summit last month with US President Donald Trump, to work towards the "denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula".

The North Korean spokesman added that the talks were "very concerning" and that they could lead to a "dangerous phase that might rattle our willingness for denuclearization that had been firm", according to the AP.

"The US just came out with such unilateral and robber-like denuclearization demands as CVID, declaration and verification that go against the spirit of the North-US summit meeting", he added, calling the talks "really disappointing".

They were expected to talk all day Saturday before Pompeo heads to Tokyo to brief Washington's Japanese and South Korean allies.

But it said the USA had only came up with unilateral demands for denuclearization, . calling for complete, verificable, irreversible denuclearization and verification. all of which, the statement said, run counter to the spirit of the June 12th summit.

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Kim asked Pompeo if had slept well, to which Pompeo said he had. Yes Devin. Secretary Pompeo said the two sides agreed to hold discussions on July 12 about the repatriation of the remains of some 200 American troops killed on the northern side of the peninsula during the Korean War. Yet Pompeo himself had earlier said he envisioned that occurring in about two and a half years, by the end of Trump's term, and Nauert later said the United States wasn't putting a timeline on the process.

"There are things that I have to clarify as well", Pompeo responded.

But this week's visit to the North - Pompeo's third this year - did not see him meet with Kim Jong Un, contrary to initial plans for the trip.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday said the Trump administration considered the meeting "very important" as the "first senior-level face-to-face meeting" between Pyongyang and Washington since June's DPRK-U.S. summit.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shot back against North Korea on Sunday, saying the regime's criticism that US negotiators acted in a "gangster-like" way during his two-day visit to Pyongyang was unfounded. "So thinking about those discussions you might have not slept well last night".

"No-one walked away from that, they're still equally committed", he said, just hours before the North issues their own, less optimistic, view of the negotiations. Instead, she said Pompeo only delivered a personal letter from Trump for Kim.

However, the statement also appeared to separate North Korea's annoyance with the USA from its relationship with Trump himself.

Mr Pompeo spoke after North Korea said the talks with America's top diplomat "brought us in a risky situation where we may be shaken in our unshakable will for denuclearisation, rather than consolidating trust between the DPRK and the US". "But this one I don't think turned out well because of the difference that we have in terms of what each side wants to achieve".