Indiana Sen. Donnelly Could Be Swing Vote On Trump's Supreme Court Nominee


Judge Kavanaugh had emerged a frontrunner in a race that had included Amul Thapar, a judge in the sixth circuit court of appeals, who had figured on the President's starting shortlist of 25 names and had made it to the final rounds.

The selection of Judge Kavanaugh - a deeply respected, long-serving judge of the D.C. Circuit, the second most important court in the country after the Supreme Court - makes ideal sense. "And just like Justice Gorsuch, he excelled as a legal clerk for Justice Kennedy", Trump added, saying his nominee "deserves a swift confirmation and robust bipartisan support".

On Monday before Trump announced his nominee, the White House sent out the list again and touted Trump's selection process.

The official says Trump decided on Kavanaugh because of his large body of jurisprudence cited by other courts, describing him as a judge that other judges read. Kennedy, for a long time the "swing" justice on the Supreme Court, kept the landmark pro-choice decision Roe v. Wade from being completely dismantled.

After a stint in private practice, Kavanaugh then joined the George W. Bush White House as an associate counsel and then as an assistant to the president. But his supporters have cited his experience and wide range of legal opinions.

"I will conduct a careful, thorough vetting of the President's nominee to the Supreme Court, as I have done with the five previous Supreme Court Justices whom I have considered", the Maine senator said. "I strongly urge my Senate counterparts not to approve any nominee who was chosen by President Trump until the investigation into his campaign's collusion with Russian Federation has concluded".

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Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 edge at the moment. The fight over his confirmation was contentious, with Illinois Democratic Sen. Kavanaugh also clerked for Kennedy.

When selecting someone to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, a president should consider many factors. Kennedy provided a decisive vote in 2015 on an important fair housing case.

On Monday, President Donald Trump announced his nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

"I've spent the last three days interviewing and thinking about Supreme Court justices". Trump signed Kavanaugh's nomination papers Monday evening in the White House residence. Kavanaugh has also suggested that presidents be shielded from civil and criminal litigation until they leave office, an issue that could be front and center as Trump faces the investigations by special counsel Robert Mueller and potential civil challenges.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement that by selecting Kavanaugh, Trump "has put reproductive rights and freedoms and health care protections for millions of Americans on the judicial chopping block".