Hundreds of protesters gather outside Supreme Court after Kavanaugh nomination


The nomination of Judge Kavanaugh comes after a selection process marked by an historic degree of transparency, including the President's public disclosure of a list of 25 highly qualified potential nominees to the Supreme Court. The two groups were key in developing the list of candidates used by President Trump to make a decision.

On Monday evening, Kavanaugh said he was "humbled" to have been selected by Trump.

Conservatives will argue that the nominee is a mainstream jurist, and that any opposition is a form of liberal extremism that voters should consider when they go to the polls. Kavanaugh was reportedly McGahn's preferred choice.

But that doesn't mean Hardiman is out of the mix. Kavanaugh has deep ties to former President George W. Bush. Cornyn told reporters that he will join about 30 Senate Republicans at the White House prime-time announcement. "So, he would be the easy pick".

Judge Kavanaugh said he would begin meetings with senators on Tuesday. On Saturday, he tweeted that a "Big decision" was coming soon.

Since the 2016 campaign, Trump has made his process for picking Supreme Court justices fairly transparent.

He is well-liked in the Senate and was personally recommended by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a good choice to support the president's nominee prep for one-on-one sessions on Capitol Hill. "And just like Justice Gorsuch, he excelled as a legal clerk for Justice Kennedy", Trump added, saying his nominee "deserves a swift confirmation and robust bipartisan support". "If confirmed by the Senate, I will keep an open mind in every case". It is unclear whether Senator John McCain, a Republican, will vote as he is undergoing brain cancer treatment.

McConnell warned Trump earlier that Kavanaugh could be more hard to confirm given his long history and paper trail, The New York Times reported over the weekend, and sources in both parties have said it could be hard to move the nomination quickly. Dick Durbin, the Democratic whip, Sunday on NBC's Meet The Press.

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Kavanaugh received his current appointment in 2006 after five years in the George W. Bush administration, where he served in a number of roles including staff secretary to the president. Kavanaugh worked specifically on the suicide investigation of Vince Foster.

"From the notorious Starr report, to the Florida recount, to the President's secrecy and privilege claims, to post-9/11 legislative battles including the Victims Compensation Fund, to ideological judicial nomination fights, if there has been a partisan political fight that needed a very bright legal foot soldier in the last decade, Brett Kavanaugh was probably there", Schumer said. He is "generally considered to have a near-perfect record, but he has piles of history with the government going back to Ken Starr and GWB, all those docs are no doubt under review". "Of all the things that Trump has done, this is by far the least surprising".

Many in the president's base simply do not trust Kavanaugh.

By Monday Barrett, at 46 the youngest and the only woman of the four, was being widely discounted due to her relative inexperience and her strong views as a social and religious conservative. "And a President who is concerned about an ongoing criminal investigation is nearly inevitably going to do a worse job as President", Kavanaugh wrote. Dianne Feinstein previous year during her confirmation hearing to the federal bench. Dianne Feinstein questioned her membership in a religiously conservative group.

Hardiman went to Notre Dame and Georgetown. Susan Collins, of ME, to speak out, telling Stephanopoulos last week that a candidate who would overturn Roe v. Wade "would not be acceptable", because it indicates an "activist agenda" she didn't want to see in a judge. In another criminal case, he wrote that police do not have to obtain a search warrant to obtain a suspect's cellphone location information.

Meanwhile, liberal groups are already calling on two moderate Republican senators - Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska - to reject the nominee. But her brief time on the bench has raised questions about her experience.

Kavanaugh and Barrett had the inside track as of Thursday and Friday, as NPR first reported, but their supporters and opponents have gone after each other through the media and internally to the White House. Kavanaugh and Gorsuch served as law clerks to Kennedy at the same time early in their legal careers.

"My judicial philosophy is straightforward".