How to get Amazon Prime for free for Prime Day


Last but not the least, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime membership before July 16, you remain eligible for a 36-hour Prime-exclusive sale that starts next Monday.

Amazon Prime Day takes place on 16 July and is a worldwide sales event for shoppers who have Amazon Prime membership. If you see them on sale, it's smart to buy early, as cooking gear tends to be one of the most popular categories on Prime Day (and items sell out quickly). The deals are for Prime members only, and if you're considering a membership keep in mind that the annual fee recently increased to $119 a year.

"The clear diversity of retail sectors having their revenue and sales influenced by Prime Day is clear proof of how all retailers and marketers can seek to benefit from this mid-summer peak". This Prime Deal is a bargain, saving $110.

Amazon has already begun its sneak peeks at upcoming deals and promotions. The prospect of the culmination of the Prime members with the Whole Foods shoppers would help Amazon to broaden their customer base which is a strategy to broaden the consumer flywheel and using the competencies and expertise of distribution channel of both the players. To get your dorm room set up nicely, Amazon will have 30% off computer accessories, bath towels, bedding, office chairs, lamps, and more.

According to the Observer, Spanish employees launched a general strike on 10 July in the lead-up to Prime Day, and have encouraged workers in other parts of Europe-including Italy, France, Germany, Poland and England-to take part.


During Amazon Prime Day itself, not all of the products included in the sale will be discounted at the same time and not all will be for the duration of the event. They're also offering almost a week lead time for customers to take advantage of these promotions.

Amazon has also lined up a virtual viewing experience of media content that includes the trailers of seven Prime Videos that are due to be released on Amazon Prime Day.

Although the main focus of Prime Day is on online purchasing, the sales event is also being promoted at physical stores. mostly focuses on the holiday shopping season, but company principal Phil Dengler says it also pays close attention to Prime Day, since there are so many deals available. You can use their handy guides to make sure you're getting the best products at the best prices for Prime Day.

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