There’s no way Melania Trump wrote the tweet assuring her safety


Gossip has mounted in the 20 days since she was last seen, with President Donald Trump as he welcomed home three USA detainees from North Korea.

For days the media has been musing about First Lady Melania Trump's whereabouts. Rest assured, I am here at the @WhiteHouse with my family, feeling great, and working hard on behalf of children and the American people!' she wrote.

Melania Trump took to social media today to explain why she's been away from the public eye.

Since her nearly week-long hospital stay, Trump has also tweeted about the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas; the Navy SEAL who was awarded the Medal of Honor at a White House ceremony, which she did not attend, on May 24; and most recently, a tweet supporting the military in honor of Memorial Day.

Though medical experts have said that type of treatment typically requires only a night's hospitalization, the first lady remained in the hospital for five nights and has not appeared in public since.

Spokesman Stephanie Grisham also dismissed the rumors about her whereabouts, saying: 'Sadly, we deal with conspiracy theories all the time, so this is nothing new, just more silly nonsense. Meanwhile, Mrs. Trump has been absent from certain public events, notably the Memorial Day wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery, Politico reported.

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The first lady has not appeared in public since she returned to the White House after a minor kidney surgery on May 14. She joined the president to host the Japanese prime minister for talks at the Trumps' estate in Florida. And some chalked up her absence as another example of her private tendencies.

Is Melania learning to shoot back on Twitter like her husband the current president Donald Trump?

Grisham said the first lady would like to be "out and about promoting her initiatives" but "her health comes first".

This week her office did not say when she planned to resume public events, but says she has been holding meetings with her staff. The president also raised eyebrows by spelling his wife's name wrong in a tweet welcoming her home from hospital.

"I wouldn't characterize this as a long absence".

In April, she alone represented the administration at the Houston funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush.