Steve Kerr weighs in on Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James


Prior to the game, Marc Stein wrote only "pleading from family" was what it would take for LeBron to stay with the Cavaliers.

In terms of lifestyle, the Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers would appear to be the frontrunners as those are the cities where he resides with his family during the regular season and the summer. A lot of rumors seem to point to LeBron donning the Legendary Purple and Gold of the Lakers. And perhaps more importantly, is the fact that they'll give LeBron free reign to call the shots as a player just as he did in Cleveland.

This might have qualified as obvious news, but the existence of Kyrie Irving means it needs to be confirmed: Kevin Love would very much like to continue playing on the same team as LeBron James.

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ESPN's Brian Windhorst says that James had multiple MRI's to make sure that the hand wasn't broken and that James had to wear a soft cast on the hand during off-days. Towards the end of Game 4 of the Finals, he looked worn down and exhausted.

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It's the speculation game everyone - from casual fans to National Basketball Association front office workers - will be playing for the next month: Where is LeBron James going to play next season? I know the right questions to ask certain guys and see if they're smart enough to actually think the game as well.

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich (one of the most respected people in the sport) reportedly wants to pitch James on the idea of San Antonio. I've always said that.

I think most National Basketball Association analysts would acknowledge Steph got robbed of the 2015 Finals MVP when it was given to Andre Iguodala. So sitting down and considering everything - my family is a huge part of whatever I've chose to do in my career, and they'll continue to be that. Jalen Rose, for one, believes James should not make his decision based on the team's chance at winning a title next season. Let us know what you think of Bron-Bron's franchise future over on Facebook and Twitter. James, as first reported by USA Today, injured his hand punching a whiteboard after Cleveland's Game 1 overtime loss in Oakland. And that's the reason why I came here - an unselfish environment where they just care about the game. "Because basketball wise, he's so great that he can bring along and take along whoever".

The former Indiana Pacer stated James would not overcome the Warriors juggernaut and win a championship if he went to the Houston Rockets or San Antonio Spurs. Over the course of his postgame press conference, James reiterated that he's still in "championship mode", a potential problem for a Cleveland team coming off a sweep to the NBA's most talented team.

"I feel like it's easy to be the best player when you don't have good players around you".