Sea of Solitude is About The Monstrous Effects of Being Lonely


Powerful words that also serve as the tagline for Sea of Solitude, the upcoming EA Original release from Berlin-based studio Jo-Mei.

EA have announced a sequel to 2016's Unravel which is available now, while dropping details of their next original Sea Of Solitude.

Gameplay-wise, there's quite a bit we don't know about Sea of Solitude.

CEO of Jo-Mei and creator of Sea of Solitude, Cornelia Geppert has said this is a game "about monsters and loneliness". As for the game's storyline, EA had this to say. More so when you consider that loneliness isn't a theme that too many titles touch upon.

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Sea of Solitude follows a young woman called Kay, who is so accutely alone that she has become a monster. As a result, she becomes a monster; your goal is to restore her humanity. It features the protagonist Kay and her struggle to find companions in a desolate, water-logged city.

What we can tell you is that Sea of Solitude is now scheduled to be released in 2019 for what we assume will be all major platforms. "The story is about finding out what happened to her, and how to turn her back into a human being".

Normally E3 isn't a major source for new adventure game news, but so far already this year there have been not one but two promising announcements.