School shooting video game taken down after widespread backlash


"You can actually do the role of the shooter", he explained.

Valve has removed an upcoming school shooting-themed video game from Steam, the company's digital distribution platform for PC gaming.

Active Shooter was described as a "dynamic SWAT simulator" where players can choose to work as the member of a SWAT team attempting to disarm the shooter, or the shooter themselves.

The online video game store Steam ditched a new video game that put players into an active school shooter scenario.

"Be the good guy or the bad guy", a description for the game, developed by Acid Publishing Group, read on Steam before the game was removed on Tuesday night. One who was previously banned from Steam under a different company name and known for releasing a succession of quick asset-flips on the platform.

From Valve's statement, it appears that the content of Active Shooter was an afterthought in the removal of the game from Steam.

The unreleased game had touched off strong reactions from parents of students killed in the Parkland, Florida, shooting on February 14. "Keeping our kids safe is a real issue affecting our communities and is in no way a 'game'".

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Valve Corporation pulled "Active Shooter" from the Steam Entertainment platform hours after a petition demanding it be removed topped almost 200,000 signatures. This game allows children playing the video to play the role of a gunman at a school.

But more recently, other studios have made school shooting games that seem to actively want to be as offensive as possible such as School Shooter: North American Tour 2012, which was later pulled from ModDB where it was being hosted.

She says there is enough evidence to indicate exposure to violence can lead to more violent activity and behavior, adding again, that this video game is too close to reality.

"We have incredible, heinous violence as a game, two hours a day in front of their eyes". "We are trying to prevent this from happening again, and they are encouraging it". And even more surprising to some, data points to school shooters as being less interested in violent video games than most of their adolescent male peers.

'This company should face the wrath of everyone who cares about school and public safety and it should start immediately, ' Guttenberg said.

This isn't the first time the game's creator, Ata Berdyev, has found himself in trouble with Valve.

"The company is taking the stand that this game is legal because of free speech and everything else that tech billionaires hide behind when they are doing something the public knows is absolutely morally corrupt but legally fine - but we can not stand for this", the petition read.