New Joker Standalone Movie Starring Jared Leto Is Officially Happening


As for the movie starring Leto's Joker, it's not yet known when that will go into production.

There is a so-called "R-rated girl gang" movie in the pipeline, Birds of Prey, centred around Robbie's Harley Quinn.

For months, reports have been circulating that WB and DC were quietly in the process of splitting their superhero movie releases between a shared universe and a separate, now unnamed brand of standalone movies, allowing for different filmmakers to take alternate approaches to characters that already exist within the shared universe.

Warner have a game plan for their DC Comics adaptations, with another Joker movie also in the works.

It's noted the Todd Phillips Joker origin movie previously announced with Joaquin Phoenix is still happening, which saw WB emphasize that it did not mean the end for Leto's Joker, but that the Joker origin film would be separate from the DCEU.

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No plot details have been announced yet, but Jared Leto has also signed on to be an executive producer for the movie, which could be... interesting.

Those films will allow the studio to tell new stories based on the same characters but with no overlap with their current DC Extended Universe (DCEU) which includes Ben Affleck's Batman, Henry Cavill's Superman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

"Squad" directed by David Ayer, grossed $746 million but was panned by critics in large part because Leto's character was used to hype the film, but his final role was considered by many to be a glorified cameo. Of course, none of these actually have firm release dates - the closest is Suicide Squad 2 being released sometime in 2019 - so which ones happen is anyone's guess, and it's not clear whether Warner Bros. themselves even know at this point, but hey, maybe Joker will even fight Batman in one of them.

As you can see, the Clown Prince of Crime's suit is pretty similar to what we got in the film, but his face has an older and more mature look to it.