Melania Trump's New Message Is Black and White


This time, she chose less controversial apparel than her last trip, which was overshadowed by a jacket.

"She was in Texas last week and wanted to visit another border state", Grisham said in an email to Newsweek shortly after the roundtable concluded.

"This facility is about two hours away from the actual US border, but is the first place individuals (parents and children together) are brought immediately after detention at the border", the first lady's communications director Stephanie Grisham said Thursday, according to a pool report.

The result was possibly one of the biggest scandals so far this year, with around 2,200 children taken away from their parents by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, an independent bureaucracy dealing with issues of immigration and border control.

On Thursday, Mrs. Trump visited what officials described as a short-term holding center for migrant minors in Tucson and then traveled to Phoenix, where she was expected to visit a Department of Health and Human Services facility.

This time, Mrs Trump made a risk-averse fashion choice of a plain black sweater, white slacks and flat shoes when she boarded her jet at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Though Grisham dismissed speculation that the jacket had any "hidden meaning", President Trump later tweeted that it was aimed at the "fake news media".

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions accused the Trump administration's critics on immigration of being radicals and hypocrites as he railed against his opponents in pointed remarks on Tuesday.

Sessions, speaking to an audience of Nevada school police officers, said the children were "recklessly sent to the United States by their family members".

"She's anxious to learn how they're implementing the new process", Stephanie said, also revealing that Melania has spoken to her husband about the situation.

Immigration advocacy groups are targeting Sessions because of his role in defending President Trump's "zero tolerance" border policy that recently led to thousands of immigrant children and parents being detained and separated indefinitely.

Protests have been organized throughout the nation in response to the US government's policy of separating undocumented and asylum-seeking parents from their children. It's not clear yet how the administration will meet the deadline.