Medic who saved lives loses her own in Gaza


On Saturday, the military said it thwarted a Palestinian attempt to damage the security fence surrounding Gaza and a group of militants briefly entered Israel before fleeing back into Gaza when Israeli troops opened fire.

In a subsequent statement, Haley said the resolution, which secured 10 votes on the 15-member Security Council, proved what she called the U.N.'s anti-Israel bias.

Israeli troops have on numerous occasions been caught on camera brutally killing Palestinians, with online videos going viral and sparking global condemnation.

Over the last two years, Israeli troops have faced a wave of stabbing and vehicle ramming attacks in the West Bank that have petered off of late as the focus has shifted toward violent protests on the Gaza border. "When we got closer to the fence the Israeli forces intensively fired tear gas and live ammunition on us", he said.

When we met her at a protest camp in Khan Younis last month, she said her father was proud of what she did.

"I want the world to hear my voice. what's my daughter's fault?" asked her mother Sabreen, dressed in black and seated on a mattress in her living room.

Mr. Alotaibi said that the message from the Council after the USA veto was that Israel, which occupied Palestinian territories, was exempt from global law.

In a naked display of utter disdain to human values and global laws, the Israeli soldiers have continued to terrorise innocent Palestinians in the occupied area.

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"My angel left this place, she is now in a better place".

Gazan medical officials said at least 100 Palestinians were wounded by army gunfire during Friday's mass demonstrations.

The US envoy further denounced the draft, noting that it "calls for immediate steps toward ending Israeli restrictions on access into Gaza, while making no mention of Egypt's restrictions and no mention of Hamas' deliberate attacks against Israel's determined efforts to provide humanitarian access into Gaza at the Kerem Shalom crossing".

In an interview previously published on social media, Najjar herself also tried to draw attention to Israel's crackdown on the protests and said she had a message as a paramedic.

She was wearing her medic's vest as she approached the fence with both of her arms raised to show Israeli soldiers she posed no threat but was shot in the chest, according to the witnesses.

Najjar was one of the first medical volunteers at the Khan Younis protest camp, and particularly relished the idea that a woman could do that work. She would volunteer to treat the injured for 13 consecutive hours every Friday and then continue her shift at the hospital. She has never refused to help.

"With our souls and blood we redeem you martyr Razan", cried mourners as the body was brought to her home for a last farewell before burial.