Man Saves Kids, Dies After Car Plows Onto Baseball Field During Game


On Friday night, a man was killed after a driver plowed onto a baseball field during a game in Sanford, ME, according to a report from NewsCenter Maine.

Police said she drove into a closed gate then sped through the main gate and drove onto the field during the game.

Gagne and Sanford detective Sgt. Matthew Jones are investigating the case.

Sanford Little League officials posted on Facebook that all players who saw the incident were physically unharmed.

Sanford Maine Little League posted a statement on its Facebook page saying the league was "struck by tragedy", though it confirmed that all of the players were safe.

Gagne said Saturday he had no idea why Sharrow drove onto the field.

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Despite being interviewed in 1968 and misleading police to believe he was involved in an accident with a guard post in Volney, New York, Parkhurst became the center of the now reopened investigation.

Sharrow was arrested and charged with manslaughter. B, in Sanford, was arrested and charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated on Maplewood Avenue after her vehicle struck a pole on the bridge over the North Mill Pond. The witness said she was asked to say she was with Parkhurst and his brother on Halloween night. Clifton said he rushed over to Parkhurst and "it did not look good".

Douglas Parkhurst, 68, who was killed Friday, had in 2013 confessed to killing a child in a hit-and-run case in 1968, a report said.

Parkhurst wasn't charged because the statute of limitations had run out. Thanks to a tip from a retired Fulton police investigator, it was found that Parkhurst was previously suspected in the 1968 hit-and-run, and had given the alibi that his auto incurred front-end damage after hitting a cement post.

A vehicle hit Ashby while traveling northbound and did not stop following the accident. Police did not follow up at the time.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call Sanford police at 207-324-9170, ext. 1.