India welcomes Trump-Kim summit; calls it 'positive development'


"It sounds there like he's parroting North Korean talking points", said host Nicolle Wallace, referencing the fact that Trump described the war games as "provocative" - exactly how North Korea had recently described them recently.

"In coordination with our (South Korean) partners, we will continue with our current military posture until we receive updated guidance from the Department of Defense and/or Indo-Pacific Command", Colonel Chad Carroll, spokesperson for USFK, said in a statement. South Korean President Moon Jae-in held a ground-breaking meeting with Kim at the end of April, when they agreed to stop all hostile acts and pledged to achieve "a nuclear-free Korean peninsula through complete denuclearization", without specifying how it will be done.

Despite Obama's cold reception to Rodman's help, he explained that he kept going back to North Korea to show his loyalty and told the world the door "will open".

"Plus, I think it's very provocative", he noted, adding that "at some point" he wanted to withdraw United States troops from the South.

A spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry said during a weekly briefing with reporters Monday that Iran views the Trump-Kim summit with "great pessimism", the Times of Israel reports.

"I don't want to see that". I never started it for no money.

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"I took those bullets, I took all that, I took everything that everyone came at me and I'm still standing. I'm so happy", he said.

In a joint statement issued after their historic summit, Mr Trump and Mr Kim said they agreed to improve their countries' relationship, a move that would inevitably require a formal end to the Korean War, in which almost half a million American troops fought with their South Korean allies.

He said the Trump administration didn't ask him to play any role in the Singapore summit.

Despite not being invited to the summit in Singapore, Rodman was sponsored by a cryptocurrency called PotCoin, created to support the cannabis trade and was seen arriving at Changi airport ahead of the peace talks. Trump tried something new. The alternative was another devastating war.

"We are not optimistic about these talks", Nobakht concluded. One of the parties in that discussion is a communist monster, but removing him was not an option, killing him was not an option, and not speaking was not an option. In this case, the receivers of that punishment would be Democrats and their liberal allies in the news media.

Trump, has undermined worldwide agreements and has unilaterally withdrawn from them. There would be nothing to criticize him on during an election year other than we don't like what he says.