House vote still looms at Net Neutrality comes to an end


But what is net neutrality, and what does its repeal mean for you?

The US has officially repealed rules that governed the way net providers treated the data that travelled across their networks.

Under those regulations, introduced in 2015 and which expired on Monday, internet providers had been required to treat all websites fairly, preventing them from charging more for so-called "fast lanes" and blocking traffic to others. But unlike with the issues of blocking or slowing access to internet services, they've been much less definitive on fast lanes. "Now that there's not net neutrality, that goes backwards". And in May, the Senate voted in favor of reversing the FCC's repeal; however, the measure still needs to be passed in the House of Representatives, where afterwards it will then need President Trump's signature.

But wait. What exactly is net neutrality?

The debate around net neutrality was immediately politicized.

FILE PHOTO: Chairman Ajit Pai speaks ahead of the vote on the repeal of so called net neutrality rules at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, U.S., December 14, 2017.

Organizations that fought to preserve net neutrality say the battle isn't over. Governors in five states-Hawaii, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont-have signed executive orders similar to Oregon's law covering service to the states.

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"The public is outraged and fighting tooth and nail to get Congress to overrule the FCC - and it's likely that that will happen before ISPs can do too much damage", Greer said.

Net neutrality rules created to ensure equal Internet access formally are set to expire on Monday after a lengthy battle.

Generally, yes. The major broadband providers - AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon - have all said they won't block access to particular internet sites or services, even those that compete against their own offerings. But far more realistically, we're probably going to see some gradual shifts in our service over time, especially since Comcast backed down on its good-faith promise the day the repeal passed and has previously limited access to peer-to-peer applications. Now control over regulating the internet moves from the FCC to the Federal Trade Commision FTC. Nine in 10 American households use the internet, according to Pew Research Center, for everything from researching recipes, communicating with friends and family by marking themselves "safe" on Facebook or Googling symptoms of a medical issue to see whether a trip to the emergency room is needed.

"Today, the Trump Administration has set into motion the destruction of the free and open Internet", she claimed.

Not everyone is anxious about net neutrality being repealed, of course.

Consumers won't notice changes any time soon, as the new rules will take a while to take effect. For consumers at home, it's still unclear how and whether this will affect your internet speeds. The Internet & Television Association said over the summer that it supported net neutrality but did not believe that the Obama-era regulations promote it.