Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay E3 2018


She looks younger than in the first game of the series, which makes sense, since it's a prequel, as well as more legendary characters from the original game.

More Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay will be shown at the behind-closed-doors demo, and we can not wait to hear about all the details.

"It's been great working with the folks over at Ubisoft and the Beyond Good and Evil team", said hitRECord founder and director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The game is in the early stages of development still and they have given no word on a potential release date or what consoles it will launch on. "By partnering with HitRecord, the community can tap into HitRecord's production pipeline and resources to start creating, collaborating and contributing right away". Essentially, anyone can create content for Beyond Good & Evil 2, whether that be music, images or recordings.

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That will have to be a question answered for another day, unfortunately, as Ubisoft still has much work to do before Beyond Good & Evil 2 is released. The best stuff will appear in Beyond Good and Evil 2, giving the game a "real world" connection.

This is made possible by the involvement of Joseph Gordon Levitt and his online platform HitRecord. It's a unique idea for sure, and those interested can go to the Beyond Good and Evil website to find more details.

After an impressive dance and music piece to open the Ubisoft press conference, the hype continued as the developer dived straight into a new cinematic trailer for the game.

We also see a medic using acupuncture, an engineer, and the two characters - monkey and human - who've been around since the game's initial reveal.