Asus has a monster phone for serious mobile gamers


Devices like the Razer Phone and Red Magic are a bit more mainstream than old gaming-oriented devices like the Sony Xperia Play. ASUS also claims Gaming HDR support and Mobile HDR is supported by dedicate hardware display chip. The smartphone has no notch, giving gamers an uncut view of what's happening on the screen. But then, there is a twist in that the SD 845 processor has been tuned to have a max clock speed of 2.96 GHz against the normal 2.8 GHz. So, the company may improve the camera performance by the time the smartphone hits the shelves. Press releases online eventually revealed that the main camera has 12MP and 8MP (120° wide-angle) lenses, with a 8MP camera on the front.

Like any gaming device, at the heart of the ROG Phone are its specifications. It has ports for charging and headphones that lead the cables away from your grip as you play, so that you can plug your cables in a more comfortable spot during prolonged gaming sessions.

HTC introduced the squeezable phone concept with its Edge Sense technology, allowing users to squeeze the sides of the device to trigger certain functions, apps, or tasks. It won't be the case if the smartphone is being charged from the side. We saw the Razer phone do it past year, followed by Xiaomi's Black Shark and ZTE's Nubia Red Magic with special attention given to the gaming experience these devices have to offer, by providing "Gaming" modes to silence notifications during gameplay and killing other apps in the background in order to optimize the RAM usage for smoother gameplay, and by providing proprietary accessories like gamepads which can further enhance the smartphone gaming experience.

The smartphone comes with a range of powerful expansion accessories to enhance the gaming experience. These act as bumper buttons on top of the phone when it is held in landscape mode for gaming. It is yet to be known if the particular feature can be programmed to perform some other actions. There is no guarantee these will be compatible with future ASUS ROG phones or if there even will be any future ROG phones.

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Asus says it expects both devices to go on sale in the near future but is yet to announce prices. Powering the device is a 4000mAH battery that supports Asus HyperCharge. The smartphone has scored 304183 in AnTuTu and is way ahead of the Xiaomi BlackShark, Samsung Galaxy S9+, iPhone X and Razer Phone. Nonetheless, the battery also supports Quick Charge 3.0 and Quick Charge 4.0 as well. Accessories are something Asus seems to have put its focus on heavily this time.

The ROG Phone starts showing off its gamer cred when you look at the array of ports. There are dedicated accessories such as the external cooling fan that can be clipped on the handset's back and even a handheld dock which can add a second screen to the device.

Things get crazier when you understand you can dock this attach a keyboard and mouse and game on the big screen.

There's more. The phone has three ultrasonic "AirTrigger" touch sensors - two are created to be left and right triggers at the top of display for gaming in landscape mode, and a third one designed for portrait-mode use.