Apple Working on High-End AirPods and Over-Ear Headphones for 2019


They'll be water resistant and have noise cancellation support.

Since we can never hear enough about the next big thing Apple might have in store, here's something that could be music to your ears. It's hard to get that much expertise in audio engineering in one place, even when you've got Apple's giant pile of money, and Apple may be relying on their name and the fact that you have to use wireless headphones or that terrible dongle with your iPhone.

Alongside the third-generation AirPods, Apple will also apparently be releasing new over-ear headphones after experiencing "development challenges" which pushed the release back from its original late 2018 window.

The new product is expected to cost more than the current rate of $159, which may cause the company to segment them like they do with their phones.

Apple's track record with new product launches hasn't been stellar lately, but a new report on Monday morning claims to reveal three upcoming new products that Apple plans to release in 2019.

As for the new over-ear headphones, production is yet to start but they are meant to be comparable to "pricey models from Bose Corp. and Sennheiser".

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There's likely to be another pair of headphones on the way from Apple.

Inventec executives met with Apple executives in California in recent weeks to discuss future HomePod orders, but a final decision on working with Inventec on the new model hasn't been made, the people said.

Overall, the audio standard and brilliant pairing and charging technologies make AirPods an attractive prospect for Apple fans looking to invest in new wireless headphones for use across the entire product range.

Apple expects to launch another version of the HomePod by next year, Bloomberg said.

There are over-ear headphones coming from Apple, too. Unfortunately, there are no details about what features it might boast. Beats now sells a pair of noise-cancelling headphones at a list price of $350, so it seems safe to expect any Apple-branded pair to be fairly expensive.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.