Apple will use WWDC 2018 to tackle iPhone addiction and iOS bugs


The SE2 has been touted to be released "soon" since the start of the year, but more concrete evidence was found by French site Consomac, which discovered that Apple had registered new phone models Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

Not much is now known about macOS 10.14-however, Apple is known to be working on a software development framework to bring macOS and iOS applications closer together. We know that iOS and macOS will take center stage at WWDC 2018, so here's what's likely in store for observers.

So says Bloomberg, which reports that despite earlier rumours to the contrary, Apple's incoming MacBook upgrades - which includes a new MacBook Pro, new 12in MacBook and a "cheap" MacBook Air successor - won't debut at WWDC on Monday, and will instead be shown off later in the year.

The peek at the new software will come Monday at a gathering in San Jose, California, for thousands of app developers and other computer programmers looking to create their own features for making iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple products more useful. Moreover, the next-gen version of ARKit will reportedly lay the foundation for the rumored pair of AR-based smartglasses Apple has been working on.

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In fact, Apple is now still hiding the changelog of the iOS, watchOS, and tvOS security patches in an attempt to allow users to update without giving attackers a clue to what's hiding inside. Another mode allows objects to be dropped into an area and virtually remain in place. It's also become an embarassing truism that Apple is bad at AI, at least in comparison to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The underlying goal here is to promote a healthier digital lifestyle by curbing excessive smartphone use.

If so, Apple will introduce the larger features - which were originally penned for iOS 12 - during 2019. That said, reports have suggested that Apple might not announce any hardware at this event.

Other OS-level improvements are said to be fairly minor, including unspecified updates to FaceTime, the Stocks app, and Animojis, as well as the ability to temporarily hide (or "snooze") notifications. This was announced at the event previous year, but was limited to a small number of territories.