White House adviser: U.S. wants China trade deal as talks resume


It looks like ZTE was just thrown a lifeline by President Trump. Ross has been a White House punching bag for months now, with the president reportedly disappointed in the results Ross had produced during trade negotiations with China previous year.

But in a surprise move, Mr Trump has said he wants to help Chinese telecoms company ZTE Corp get "back into business", as too many jobs in China are at risk.

Yep, again, if accurate, the country, China, with whom Trump has previously called all types of bad things, has announced lending a project involving Trump companies, a large cache of money.

The latest indignity for Ross is Trump's reversal of sanctions on Chinese telecom giant ZTE, which was barred on April 16th by Ross' Commerce Department from importing goods from the US, as punishment for its repeated violations of USA sanctions against North Korea and Iran.

Himes says he suspects the deal could be driven by the need to work with the Chinese as the USA navigates upcoming negotiations with North Korea.

"This enforcement action against ZTE is not a trade issue", Rubio said on Fox News Channel. "They've admitted to that".

"We're still very far apart", Branstad said, saying that China has not met pledges to open up its insurance and financial services area, as well as reduce auto tariffs. He did not say what other options were being discussed.

Donald Trump is already handing out concessions to China on trade rules, and the big question is why. I think that creates confusions for them as to how to handle him.

Earlier this month, as NBC News reported, the Pentagon ordered stores at USA military bases to stop selling ZTE and another Chinese brand of cellphones and modems, saying the devices may pose a security risk.

"You (Trump) should care more about our national security than Chinese jobs".

Trump and his team likely will hear it from both sides Tuesday. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., tweeted Sunday that it would be "crazy" to allow ZTE to operate in the USA without tighter restrictions.

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"Now Chinese officials are beginning to worry about China's economic resilience and potentially weak domestic demand, thus adding to the pressure on Liu, the helmsman of China's economy", the source said.

President Donald Trump has stepped into the row surrounding the seven year ban on United States companies supplying Chinese telecommunications maker ZTE with software and components. "Stay tuned!" Trump said in a Twitter message.

"It's a significant issue of concern to the Chinese government, you know, and in our bilateral relationship there's a give and take and we discuss these issues", he said.

He said China's utilisation of a whole-of-government approach towards the United States to increase their economic and military development is problematic.

Shah also pushed back on the idea that Trump was retreating from his campaign promise to be tough on China.

"I've never seen a president step in and reverse an agency decision like this".

Washington listed the items from China it proposes will be hit with an additional duty of 25% but within hours, Beijing hit back, announcing its own plans to levy a 25% tariff on USA imports that included beef, soybeans and whiskey.

The ZTE case predates the current U.S. In retaliation, Beijing is threatening tariffs on $50 billion in USA products. ZTE has asked the department to suspend the seven-year ban on doing business with USA exporters.

Chinese observers were despondent to find that one of their country's top companies, which sells network equipment and cell phones all over the world, is "hollow at its core" and reliant on the USA for its microchips.

That would amount to a rotten deal, voices from across the spectrum warned Trump on Monday.

As part of this, they also entered into an agreement with the USA government. "We are now in close communication over details of the implementation".

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