The Windows 10 April Update will land today


You can download the April 2018 Update starting today (but not at the time of writing).

Again, you can check this article for the complete list of features Microsoft is removing, but those are the ones most people are likely to notice.

How do I get it?

For instance, if you have written/received an important mail and want to relook on Outlook mail repository, but not able to find it. Timeline feature helps you pinpoint the mail. If you don't wish to wait till the global rollout, you can manually install the update by heading to the Settings - Update and Security to check for the latest update, and install it.

To check if your Windows 10 PC has received the update, navigate to the Start Menu, and click on the Settings cog. Click it to download a small upgrade tool.

It is worth mentioning that ISO files are now available to download for Visual Studio Subscribers only. Luckily, new remote Windows Admin Center could duplicate some of these functions.

New features to Microsoft Edge browser: With the new update, Microsoft Edge browser gets an audio icon in the tab, wherein user can mute/unmute audio in a website. At the end it'll provide a summary of what happened while you were doing whatever it was you were doing.

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Think of this as DND for the desktop or your PC without any social media alerts to disturb you while at work. With the latest update, the devices are protected against malware and also aid in performance.

Also new is support for system-wide dictation. When you select Focus Assist, the stuff you don't want to see disappears. It can completely block all notifications on the system, until you say it's okay for it, to not do so.

Users can whitelist certain people so that their emails and messages appear even when Focus Assist is activated. There goes your 5 kill streak! You can press windows + H and talk to you PC and it will write it down for you.

The biggest and most obvious change is the addition of a timeline feature to the task view. Also Cortana, the digital voice-assistant on Microsoft's Windows 10, will now manage smart home devices from the PC itself.

Still not convinced it has already lost the browser wars to Google and Firefox, Redmond continues to keep pushing cool new updates into the Edge browser, which nobody uses. Also new is the ability to save your address and payment preferences to make filling out payment forms easier (something Chrome and others have long done), as well as the ability to print clutter-free versions of articles you are reading on the web.

Last but not least is Microsoft's take on AirDrop, using Bluetooth and WiFi.