Teacher, students allegedly drown raccoons during class


The teacher, Dewie Brewton, was placed on paid administrative leave with pay Tuesday while the school investigates, said Kevin Christian, spokesman for Marion County Public Schools.

A teacher in Florida was suspended for drowning raccoons in the class. I chose to look at them, but you might not wish to.

On behalf of the Forest High School FFA Alumni Chapter we would like to speak out about the actions that took place yesterday and today in regards to our FFA Advisor Mr. Dewie Brewton.

Apparently, Brewton and students suspected the raccoons were responsible for killing one of the chickens they were raising in the class - so they made a decision to trap the animals inside a garbage bin filled with water.

The mother of a student who took photos and video of the incident told WKMG her son came home in tears over what happened to the animals.

A Florida high school teacher was placed on paid leave Tuesday over allegations he drowned a pair of raccoons in a trash bin while students assisted and watched.

"While law enforcement tells us the teacher may not have done anything illegal, his actions before students are certainly questionable". 'It made me sick to my stomach'. Animals "must be released legally or euthanized humanely within 24 hours of capture or trap inspection", according to the agency.

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Harrison School District Two public information officer Christine O'Brien says Chavez has not returned to school.

"When the raccoons tried to come up for air they had metal rods and they held them down with metal rods and when the raccoon would try to pop its head up they held water hoses in its face to drown it", the mother told the station. "No teacher could ever replace him", said Hunter Heath.

And all this time we thought the big problem was NAFTA and cut-rate foreign vegetables. So let's drown a few, to teach those thieving ring-tailed bastards a lesson!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the matter but parents and community members have taken their own steps to address the situation by launching a petition calling for Brewton's dismissal. That document includes drowning on its list of unacceptable primary methods of euthanasia.

No kidding. It's horribly inhumane for the animals, and also for those who might be forced to watch. Maybe Brewton was just having a really bad day.

In one video, a raccoon was seen struggling as the cage was being drowned gradually.

And the Future Farmers of America would not object.