Sri Lankan Muslims Begins Ramadan Fast On Friday


"Consequently, tomorrow becomes the first day of Ramadan and I urge Muslims in the country to commence fasting according to the teaching of Islam", he said.

Apart from being a traditional event, Commission on Elections chief of Judicial Records Division Dr. Saga Mabaning said that moon sighting is a significant event for Muslims nationwide as "it shows that they are one in conducting their religious rites just like the Christians who are united in performing their religious activities". Percussion round fired in sunset marks the end of daily fasting, every day during the Islamic holly month of Ramadan.

Sri Lanka Muslims begins Ramadan Fast on Friday-18 May, while majority of the Muslims world over begins their fast on Thursday - 17th May.

He stated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad used to spend very generously on the poor and the needy during this period.

While describing Ramadan as a period for spiritual rejuvenation and enrichment, Dogara enjoined Nigerians to devote themselves in the worship of the Almighty and imbibe the lessons of love and peaceful co-existence with one another.

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Moon sighting is a tradition observed by Muslims in line with the declaration of the start of Ramadan, or the ninth month of the Muslim year, wherein strict fasting is observed from predawn to dusk.

In the same vein, Fayemi congratulated Muslims in Ekiti State and Nigeria in general as they commence another season of Ramadan. It involves self-reflection, goal-setting, and fasting.

The governor wished them a peaceful and fruitful Ramadan.

He said it was the duty of all, irrespective of religion, to also pray for the country.

Indonesian Muslims pray during the start of the holy month of Ramadan at the Al Akbar Mosque in Surabaya, East Java province.