Solid results for Labour as Conservatives falter in the local elections


If the popular vote was used to distribute seats it would have resulted in 27 Conservative councillors, 17 Labour and 6 Lib-Dems, but because of Britain's first past the post system the result was 36 Conservatives, 13 Labour and one Lib-Dem. We gained seats in different constituencies.

The Tories also lost Trafford, their flagship council in the North West, to no overall control, with Labour now the largest party.

The moderate success for the Conservatives outside London came largely at the expense of UKIP. Tories also won Barnet and Redditch.

Andrew Castle wonders whether Jeremy Corbyn has led his party as far as he can after Labour's result falls short of expectations. These voters' behaviour helped seal Labour's fate in Derby, Nuneaton and Redditch, and ensured that the party failed to capture key targets such as Amber Valley and Walsall. But they failed, and the people of Wandsworth re-elected a Conservative council.

According to the BBC's projected national vote share, the Conservative party is three points down on what it achieved in 2017's county council elections but, after eight years in government, it is better than its performance in any of the local elections held between 2012 and 2014 and in 2016.

The Labour Party saw its vote go up by 27 percent-from 23,845 to 32,816 compared to just 8 percent for the Conservatives-from 47,991 to 52,211.

Mr Corbyn sought to put a courageous face on overnight results which saw Labour gain control of Plymouth.

Labour has also held onto Barnsley, Leeds, Sheffield and Kingston upon Hull.

"The mission of Labour is always to stand up for a decent society and against poverty..."

Mrs May visited Wandsworth to congratulate local Tories for holding off the challenge of Labour in the London borough.

"Last year Labour showed the difference we can make in a full national campaign".

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The Liberal Democrats did make significant gains in their overall number of councillors and they took overall control of Richmond from the Conservatives. "If they do, then though the Tories will be seen as Brexit's architect, Labour will be its bricklayer, and history is harsh when the house comes tumbling down", he said. We've taken control in Basildon and Peterborough.

They gained 75 seats, taking their total to 536 council seats across England. Labour managed to bridge this divide better, winning 53 seats in Remain areas and losing only ten in Leave areas, producing a net gain of 43.

They lost over 120 of their seats in council chambers, and were left with just a small handful, 3 at the last count.

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May both sought to put a fearless face on local council results that suggested neither can break the electoral deadlock that delivered a hung parliament last June.

The elections are viewed as a gauge of public support for May as she faces a possible revolt in parliament over her strategy for leaving the European Union.

Despite claims that this was no extraordinary local election- nearly 4,000 people were denied the right to vote over this election's ID pilots.

Despite mounting troubles over Britain's withdrawal from the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party emerged relatively unscathed from local elections, according to results released on Friday.

He said: "Here's a councillor who brought shame on the borough on an global level and was welcomed back into the fold with open arms simply to grab control to the council".

If they keep up their momentum, and gather more supporters, it seems likely that the next set of elections could tell a very different story.

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