President Trump's Enthusiasm for NRA


The convention officially kicked off Friday morning and will conclude Sunday at 5 p.m.

"Steer clear of Ellen's in downtown Dallas!"

Anti-NRA activist and actress Alyssa Milano sent hundreds of tweets of people killed by guns and issued a call to action urging protesters to gather during Saturday's events.

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He claimed that Democrats want to "outlaw guns" and said if the nation takes that drastic step, it might as well ban all vans and trucks because they are the new weapons for "maniac terrorists".

Actor Rob Delaney, star of Marvel's upcoming blockbuster superhero flick Deadpool 2, called President Trump a "silly cunt".

Trump spoke at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum (which is a part of the weekend convention) in 2017 as President and in 2016 as a nominee.

But NRA member Patricia Ferguson wasn't having it.

Jihadists armed with assault rifles and suicide vests struck outside a France-Germany football match at the national stadium, cafes and bars, and the Bataclan concert hall in a coordinated assault that left 130 people dead and more than 350 wounded.

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"You give your time, your energy and your vote to stand strong for the rights given to us by God, including the right to self-defense", he added.

Ellen's addressed the controversy on Friday and explained that the goal of "finding common ground" to eliminate "needless gun violence" was summarized, within character restraints, as its support of "reasonable and effective gun regulations". "If he's in front of families he might say something in support of commonsense gun reform, but then when he's at the NRA he'll say something to get a big cheer".

Vice President Mike Pence told the crowd during their administration "the right of the people to bear arms will not be infringed".

PROTEST: The NoRA protest took place from noon through 2 Belo Garden Park, across the convention grounds.

Attendees sing the National Anthem at the NRA convention.

Kasky said he's in "full support" of the Second Amendment, but "there are certain weapons that do not belong in the hands of citizens, and there are certain weapons that need to be regulated". Never", Trump said. "And you have never stopped fighting for our beloved Constitution. And, while you are at it, let your elected officials know that their election depends on supporting stronger gun laws.

Parkland survivors David Hogg and Cameron Kasky once again take to CNN to air their grievances about guns and President Donald Trump. John Cornyn, Ted Cruz in attendance. Ted Cruz, although the governor's appearance came toward the end of a long day.

Both years Secret Service prohibited firearms in the vicinity.

Familiar faces like actress Alyssa Milano and parents of victims from the shooting in Parkland, Florida and Aurora, Colorado joined forces to push for tougher gun control laws.