President Trump Delivers Commencement Address at Naval Academy's Graduation in Maryland


President Trump on Friday gave a triumphant, patriotic speech to 2018 graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy, promising to stand up for the U.S. without apology and hailing what he said was the re-emergence of American confidence since he took office.

"The best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war, and hopefully we never have to use all of this attractive new powerful equipment but you know you're less likely to have to use it if you have it", Trump said.

"In case you haven't noticed, we have become a lot stronger lately", Mr. Trump said. "We have rediscovered our identity, regained our stride and we're proud again". "Yes, they're respecting us again - Yes, America is back". 'We are not going to apologize for America, we are going to stand up for America.

Trump has regularly praised Jackson, although at times with a questionable grasp of history. We are going to stand up for our values.

Trump pulled the US out of that summit a day earlier, citing belligerent rhetoric by Kim Jong Un.

He told graduates that "we have begun the great rebuilding of the USA military".

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Trump also touted victory as a paramount virtue during his speech, calling it "a very important word". "And if a fight must come there is no other alternative: Victory, winning, lovely words, but that's what it's all about".

When they called out for him to stay, the president said, "I'll stay, I'll stay".

ORIGINAL POST, 9:34 a.m.: President Donald Trump is set to address the 2018 graduates of the United States Naval Academy.

The president also said First Lady Melania Trump is doing well, after spending most of last week in the hospital after a kidney procedure. Winning is such a great feeling, isn't it a great feeling?

Trump repeatedly knocked former President Obama as he spoke to the 1,042 graduating midshipmen along with family and guests at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Friday morning.

On Twitter Friday, Trump said he looks "forward to being with some of the greatest people on earth!"