NFL Players Considering Sitting out Season Until Colin Kaepernick is Signed


Reid also recently filed a collusion grievance against the National Football League, as no team has signed him three months into the NFL's offseason.

According to Jones' deposition, reviewed by the Journal, the president personally told him, "You can't win this one".

"[We] got an owner under penalty of perjury testifying that he changed his mind after he was told what Trump said", Geragos said.

Kaepernick, who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013, left San Francisco at the end of the 2016 season and has not been picked up by a team since.

When you ask them ... specifically why he isn't being hired ... they say because of the national anthem policy. The owner said he became against kneeling when he felt that the message from the players was being interpreted as anti-military. If anyone fails to comply with the leaguewide rule, the team will be subjected to fines. Just last week, the league announced it was changing its policy to bar players from kneeling during the anthem. Teams also will have the option to fine any team personnel, including players, for the infraction.

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Jets chairman Christopher Johnson said after the owners approved the new anthem protocol that he would not stand in the way if his players wanted to protest during the anthem and join other players around the league trying to draw attention to social justice issues. "Of course. But I understand if they felt the need to protest".

While the quote from Jerry Jones' telephone conversation with Trump is news, the fact that the president was a force in the NFL's decision to alter its anthem policy, is not news.

Jones did try to deflect some credit going to Trump.

"This is a very winning, strong issue for me", the President told Jones, according to Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal. A White House official did not dispute the testimony.